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    So a few days ago my PB upgraded itself to 20.1.358 and since that moment I have had problems with charging from the standard charger. I must disconnect and reconnect the mini-USB several times for it to recognize the charger. If I do not pay close attention, and it happens to not recognize the charger, it can sit for hours and never charge at all.

    The charger is the OEM playbook one that shipped with the PB. The charger works fine as it charges my phone perfectly. Up until I upgraded the OS, the PB had never given any problem charging at all.

    But after upgrading the problem was immediate -- I upgraded with the charger connected and the first thing I noticed was that the charge icon did not appear after the reboot.

    I've rebooted several times. No improvement.

    Anyone else encountering this?
    06-11-12 07:17 PM
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    You have an issue with your USB port. A call to RIM support should fix you up.
    Before you call, reload the OS. RIM will have you do that as part of the trouble shooting.
    Perform a backup. This will return your PB to factory settings(all data will be lost)
    Plug in the turned off PB to the PC with desktop manager running. Press the power button and select update from the popup on the PC.

    Edit: Try you phone charger on the PB to rule out a bad connector on the charger. The phone and PB have different types of micro USB ports.
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    06-11-12 07:26 PM