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    I'm getting ready for a trip through Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Cambodia. I know there is a "Premium International Charger" for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and there is also a BlackBerry Micro-USB charger. Here's my problem: the sales info show only 2 adapters. When I research plugs in these countries, I find that Vietnam and Cambodia have some 7 plug styles. Hong Kong is different again. They operate on 50Hz not North American 60 Hz. I bought an "International Converter Set (Protege' via Walmart) but it says: Do not use for electronic circuitry" even though it has both low (50watt) and high (51-1600watts settings. It is a "dual wattage converter". What do I need for my BlackBerry PlayBook so I don't fry my "best friend" ?I have the BlackBerry Wall Charger as well as the rapid charger stand. Since these are rated 120-240volts and 50/60Hz, can I get by with only the adapter plugs?
    01-05-12 06:13 PM
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    You just need the adaptor plug.
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    01-05-12 06:17 PM
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    Yes, you just need the adaptors for the tips, the PB charger will handle the power conversion.

    Here's a great resource to find the plugs you will need:

    Mains electricity by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    01-05-12 06:25 PM
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    It is the universal charger that you need. I am not sure how many of the plugs it comes with though. You may have to do some research on the Blackberry site or call a retailer to see what ends it comes with. This one will also charge your phone.

    BlackBerry-Premium-International-Charger - RIM US

    The charger that came with the playbook will work too with an adapter kit that has assorted ends for the countries you are traveling to. These are just plug adapters without any electronics in them.
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    01-05-12 06:57 PM
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    When I was in Vietnam recently I just used the wall charger that came with my PB and it charged just fine. However I noticed some slight interference once in awhile.
    01-05-12 08:04 PM
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    Don't let your playbook's battery run down as the PB doesn't seem to know what to do with 220/240 at 50Hz when completely flat. It'll fladh red and then a few greens and refuse to take any charge until the OS starts and overrides the HW default. Both my 16G (1.07) and 64G (2.0) do this and need the rapid charger instead of the included charger when completely flat. Once the OS boots the included charger works fine.
    01-06-12 03:14 AM