1. MrHelyar's Avatar
    The problem I seem to run into is when my PlayBook is completely dead and I connect it to the charger and it just won't charge, it indicates that its plugged in with a red flash and seconds after it will flash yellow and do nothing, won't charge, doesn't give me an ounce of power. I tried to plug the damn thing about 4 times, thinking it was charging, hours later I would come back and still no power. So I thought well this isn't working and decided to use my BB charger... Low and behold the damn thing worked. I don't get it, but it just worked. So after enough power to turn it on I can switch back to the PB charger and it works fine.

    I've also had issues with my dock where it shows the lightning bolt when charging but once I get up from bed, its completely dead. (I'll let it be known I do have the antair alarm clock on all night as well)

    Just wondering if anyone has had the same issues I have had with charging.
    03-16-12 03:58 AM
  2. anindoc's Avatar
    I have atleast had issues with the charging dock, the lightning Bolt sign shows up and then hours later no charge. I figured out that sometime the magnetic interface between he dock and the PB doesn't sit perfectly well so just make sure to come back a few minutes later to see if the PB is indeed charging- if not then reposition the PB on the dock. I always run the battery guru app when I am putting the PB down for a charge.... Tells me whether it's charging or am I seeing a false charging icon on the battery

    However I haven't had issues with the wall charger.
    03-16-12 06:41 AM
  3. MrHelyar's Avatar
    Yeah I always make sure its on the dock correctly, but maybe I'll double check just to make sure, its just really a pain in the a**
    03-16-12 09:34 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    Yes the docks have a known thing where the pins don't always pop back into place. There is talk of some wall chargers that have been replaced for a defect and some say closing the blades and reopening them makes the connection work again.
    03-16-12 10:06 AM
  5. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I can speak as to the wall chargers.
    The micro usb end of my Playbook wall charger broke, so RIM sent me a quick charger replacement (which was super awesome of them). I fiured they'd ask for the old charger back, but they didn't so it went into the "nonworking electronics" box. Yes, I have a box for broken electronics
    03-16-12 10:13 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    There is also this advice:

    Locked, bricked

    I was told about "stack" charging, 6 cycles of charge no charge, for 2 minutes each, charging for never more than 2 minutes.
    03-16-12 11:44 AM