1. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    both my husbands pb and mine will sometimes charge on it, then sometimes it wont. sometimes it helps to hard reboot, but sometimes it doesnt, then we try a different plug, sometime that's works...and then someti.es itdoesnt..

    wtf is going on with the pod charger. I use battery guru to monitor it, and on my pb, the usb port is actually pushing 5.7watts rightnow and on the pod it was only 1.8-2.90watts..... my husband has a damaged usb port so he can only charge on the pod,.. his is also only gettin about 2watts..

    everything in settings I have already optimized for least amount of battery usage so there so interference with the charging, it seemed to fix the prob a few weeks ago, but now it seems to be acting strange aagain after that last os update.

    anyone else in the same boat?
    12-26-12 03:24 PM
  2. jagrlover's Avatar
    I think I've read that one of the pins might be stuck in a depressed position.
    12-26-12 04:05 PM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    sites like amazon rate the charging station poorly because of this. many others have had the same experience so it isn't just you - design flaw
    12-26-12 04:27 PM
  4. rob c's Avatar
    I had the same problem for several months and it was indeed a link issue. (used a paper clip to depress and then release the problematic pin). Has worked as it is supposed to ever since.
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    12-26-12 04:28 PM
  5. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Apparently the pins are the problem. On some docks they are sticking. As mentioned above, check your pins and see if one appears to be sticking and try and free it with something like a paperclip, but make sure it's unplugged first . We have several docks at work and have been using them for almost a year without issue but every few weeks we blow the pins out and give a light spray of electrical lube. Same for mine at home. F2 has posted several times on this and what he did. I believe in preventive maintenance with any type of spring loaded electrical contact but most don't do anything and have had no problems. You're one of the group that has had problems.
    12-26-12 05:38 PM
  6. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    I had the same problem for several months and it was indeed a link issue. (used a paper clip to depress and then release the problematic pin). Has worked as it is supposed to ever since.
    thanks. ill have to trythat.

    I did some tests tho earlier. on my usb charger I have a positive reading for amprage, lol on the pod it reads as negative.

    things got weird when I tested it on the plug in the bathroom...one on its own breaker with a reset switch.....my husbands charged with power reading of 8 on the pod charger, but only if his wifi was on. it dropped with wifi off. mine dide exact opposite on the pod. I had to turn off wifi.....and my usb charger didn't charge for sht in the bathroom.

    I'm sticking to my usual wall usb charger but my husband is gonna have to. charge his pb on the pod in the bathroom.unless I can fix it..lol
    12-26-12 05:42 PM
  7. Chaddface's Avatar
    I can't say if you have a problem with your pod but:
    The charge rate is variable. It will drop slowly the closer you get to a full charge. When I look at battery guru, as long as it says charge and not power, I leave it. Don't expect to see a 7,8,9 watt charge every time you plug in. Sometimes I plug into the rapid charger and see charge followed by .5 watts. Check it in a few minutes and the charge rate is different.

    Edit: I just tried both the USB and rapid charger. The readings are all over the place when first plugged in. I got 1W on the USB and 5W on the rapid. I tried again and it was the opposite. As long as guru says charge it's fine. I think the app updates every 30 seconds when plugged in and every two minutes unplugged.
    12-26-12 06:45 PM

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