1. Theiceman01's Avatar
    as mentioned I changed providers and no longer have access to my email address I set up my playbook with
    from everything I read I need to set up a new bb id and wipe my whole pb and start over . tnis is insane. is this correct ?

    my concerns are.
    will the pb get all the updates now that it is obsolete ?
    do I have go buy all the apps over again I bought with my other id. ?

    I can't believe I can't just change the email atached to my id. that's nuts .
    06-25-14 09:40 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Instead of talking about how nuts it is and how it's insane... you should look at the available options.

    1. Visit http://www.blackberry.com/blackberryid from any browser.
    2. Select Sign in.
    3. Enter the current BlackBerry ID Username and Password, then click Sign In.
    4. Select Account Details.
    5. Next to Details, select Edit.
    6. Remove the current Username and replace it with a new Username (email address) that is not already associated to any other BlackBerry ID, then select Save.

      Note: A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that was used as the new Username. Open the email message and click the link to confirm the change.
    7. Select Done > Logout.

    Everything will then be associated to that BBID and your purchases will transfer.
    06-25-14 09:43 PM

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