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  • Yes, give me another tablet.

    46 16.43%
  • No, I'm sticking with my PB.

    234 83.57%
06-11-12 06:36 AM
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  1. kbz1960's Avatar
    It is curious that many people state the form factor as the reason they will keep it, yet as a previous poster pointed out, CNET have a whole list of better 7 inch tablets than the PB. All with the same or very similar form factor, yet much better, more useful, more productive apps. I don't think people are considering the question properly. For those of us who don't own a BB handset, the bridging argument doesn't work either (though for tethering, my android handset makes a great wi fi hotspot which is included in my data plan.) The reality is, comparably, it is not that great a tablet.
    For me yes the 7" size is 1 reason. The total package is the rest. Yes apps blah blah. I wish they were all there, not for myself but for the platform. The only thing I'm missing is a cross platform messenger like im+ that doesn't time out when it isn't the focus and gives notifications.
    06-11-12 06:36 AM
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