1. chrismage's Avatar
    hey anyone who went to ces 2012 know if the new os on the pb fix the browser hangup issue and allow for charging the pb when turned off?
    01-13-12 01:12 AM
  2. kennyliu's Avatar
    I believe you can charge the playbook when off since 1.0.7 or even earlier.

    Edit: I am also not having any browser hangup problems on the latest stable. Though I have Java disabled.
    01-13-12 01:49 AM
  3. Foreverup's Avatar
    The charge issue was fixed awhile ago and I haven't experienced any browser hang ups since like 1.05. Also, I'm runnin beta 2.0 and the browser is fantastic
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    01-13-12 02:43 AM
  4. omega supreme's Avatar
    your browser hangup is most likely due to your router (assuming you're using "n").

    quick fix- change your router setting from "n" to g or b or mixed b/g. you'll find a thread about this in the OS forum.
    01-13-12 02:53 AM