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    Well the webinar for today has concluded and it was a fairly good overview (high level) of cascades and the IDE. The webinar was recorded so there will be a video posted at some point. RIM did allow for a Q/A where some where answered, others they selected and posted here

    Cascades Webinar Week of June 19th - Q&A - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    I asked about the open with feature, which they dont have any plans to implement (at this time anyway). Being able to select a third party app over the default is crucial in many aspects of the device. It is unfortunate that this isn't being planned (replacement PDF reader anyone?)
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    06-19-12 12:11 PM
  2. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    Would they not wait to put up the video after they have carried out the other webcasts? Since it has been extended to accommodate more people.

    I was too late earlier, the session was full. Hopefully I can get in tomorrow.
    06-19-12 05:54 PM
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    They've generally posted webcasts for later viewing. I couldn't take time from work to take part, myself but I REALLY look forward to the replays.
    06-19-12 05:56 PM
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    Oh yeah, I've usually caught up on others on the replays. Was just saying that since it's extended it would also be a bit longer to wait for the replays. Would have much rather them just stick to the one day and then replay it. But I guess they want to accommodate more for the Q & A.
    06-19-12 06:00 PM