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    I'm trying to use the HTTP proxy setting for wifi but it doesn't accept the URL.

    I'm going to Settings > Wifi > Saved Networks > (name of wifi connection) > Checked "Use HTTP Proxy" > and in the Proxy Server box I'm putting in the URL to the proxy server (http://www.proxy.[url].com/proxy.pac)

    It just returns the error: "Must be a valid IP address or domain name"

    Any ideas?

    12-13-12 05:46 PM
  2. Innovatology's Avatar
    A proxy is never a URL but always just a host name, for instance proxy.company.com

    This URL probably points to a proxy-auto-config file. I don't think those are supported. You could download that file and open it in a text editor to see what it does.

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    12-13-12 07:17 PM
  3. kenchang83's Avatar
    it certainly can use proxy, i'm using it all the time, but as far as i know the open proxy you normally find online should be an IP address, with a port number, for example, port 8080 ( i made it up, don't try it ) and if the proxy can be an URL, or a host name (which beyond my knowledge base), from your description i'd guess that your proxy doesn't work because you didn't enter the port number. hope it helps.
    12-13-12 09:54 PM
  4. Innovatology's Avatar
    Proxies are certainly supported, but probably not proxy-auto-config (.pac) files. There are other mechanisms such as BES and DHCP to do that in a more reliable & standardized way. A .pac file contains a JavaScript function. You could look at that function in Notepad to see what the proxy should be.
    12-14-12 01:04 PM

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