1. Bpb_mike's Avatar
    I have search in this forum for solutions on how to sync my emails from various accounts and can not get it to work at all, I have the latest playbook os and I have created the account properly and I can send and receive the email but it does not show all the emails that are on the account when I am on a computer. I also tried going to each account web interface and see it there is something I am missing but no luck.
    Has anyone got this to work and if so what are the steps.
    12-29-13 01:08 PM
  2. Cynycl's Avatar
    Playbook has a 30 day mail limitation. Many folks have sideloaded a proper mail app since the playbook's mail app is at the best of times, a complete joke
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    12-29-13 01:43 PM
  3. jimk345's Avatar
    What are some of those mail apps called? Thanks

    Z10 running1925
    12-30-13 07:56 AM

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