1. sexybabe88's Avatar
    anyone else having the same problem? i'm unable to use the search function.. nothing appears when i try searching for apps. restarted pb but it still doesn't work. i'm able to view top apps etc though

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    01-21-13 12:31 AM
  2. king benny's Avatar
    Yep... me too. Searches show no results and I am unable to purchase or reinstall apps. Looks like there is an issue with app world servers right now. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
    01-21-13 12:36 AM
  3. rogprov's Avatar
    Me too - nothing showing in search.
    01-21-13 03:15 AM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    It's working again.
    01-21-13 04:11 AM
  5. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    App world was down for a while yesterday, hope this helps and you now should be able to access it
    01-21-13 02:39 PM
  6. Sir Miyav's Avatar
    Same problem here... I can't look for words like epub, scrapbook, flv...

    No results after searching.
    01-23-13 08:57 AM
  7. pbluv's Avatar
    I had no problem doing a search - just typed epub in the search box, and a list popped up. I hit enter rather than selecting one of them, and the page refreshed with epub items.

    Try clearing your browser cache/cookies?
    01-23-13 10:37 AM
  8. Sir Miyav's Avatar
    I tried this but the problem persist.

    My sister bought a new PlayBook and has the same problem, no result or lack of them with some words or program's names that i'm sure exist. Maybe a server problem in Spain/Europe?
    01-26-13 08:19 AM

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