1. sebeatty@roadrunner.com's Avatar
    I use a web-based database at work and tried to access it on my PB. I can get to the site and I can navigate through the login and password page to the welcome screen. My options appear, but I am not able to proceed beyond this point. The program is set up to be used with a login and password from any personal pc. Why can't I get deeper into the data? If I were using IE and had this problem I would allow pop-ups and add the site to my trusted sites to get in. Is there any way around the problem I'm having with my PB?
    09-05-12 04:52 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Try going into the browser's settings/security, and turn off the pop-up blocker.
    09-05-12 05:12 PM
  3. wscotchmer's Avatar
    Without knowing the construct of the web application, this question is almost impossible to answer. The problem could be with the way the PlayBook interprets the page however it more likely is that the web app wasn't designed for use with mobile devices... specifically tablets. I would guess you might have the same problem from any other tablet.

    I work for a software company and one of our products has a web interface. We had to redesign the controls on the interface to make it work with mobile devices. Before that you could log in but navigating required double click for some thing in the interface. But a double tap on a tablet is interpreted by the tablet as a zoom. You could never click through the interfsce because of this. A relatively minor adjustment to the web app allowed mobile devices such as tablets to work.

    So in conclusion, unless the vendor of the web application you are using makes the interface mobile friendly, you may just be out of luck.

    PS - If your problem is like what I described above, perhaps using a bluetooth mouse with your PlayBook may work. I don't have one so I don't know if that would resolve the doubke click navigation issue or not.
    09-05-12 05:21 PM