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    Enabling ipv6 and inter access point handover are settings on the playbook not the router. You set these for each individual connection.
    What would be the reason to set those?

    I realize the ipv6 will eventually come into use, but does any average user actually use it yet?

    I can see a use for the access point handover, even in a home if there is a repeater installed. But I doubt that would apply to current thread:
    Inter-access point handover allows Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphone users to roam from one wireless access point to another within the same Wi-Fi network without losing the Wi-Fi connection. The wireless access points must share a common service set identifier (SSID).
    Matty, if it were me, I would first delete the saved connection on the PB for the home SSID (using pencil on WIFI page). Then start afresh making sure to use the same mode for security as the router is set up to use. WPA2 Personal AES works best (for me) but use whatever the router is set to use. You should be able to check this on the other computers that do link.

    Another question that might seem stupid, BUT Is WIFI switched on on the PB?

    Another comment - you said that your provider helped you with the wifi setup. But if this is is your home network, don't you own the router and know it's SSID, password and security mode? Why would iSP be involved? Or did they provide the modem and router?
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