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    Hey guys... I managed to get my new playbook connected to my PC via USB (running Ubuntu 10.10) once. Now for some reason, it will not work. I have the IP address, and when I go to places>connect to server and select a windows share, it keeps giving a "Cannot Display location "smb://xxx.xxx.x.x/" Failed to retrieve share list from server" error.

    Wireless works fine...but I'm trying to copy a few large video files, and I don't feel like waiting forever. Can someone please give me a hand?

    12-05-11 08:03 PM
  2. lpchouinard's Avatar
    work without issue on 11.10... force the usb connections to "connect to windows" and see if you have that extra nic with an ip on the same network as your pb. i'm running os2 4869 on my pb btw
    12-05-11 10:58 PM
  3. taylortbb's Avatar
    You should look at BlackBerry PlayBook + Linux . It outlines how to do it from the terminal, and the steps are pretty easy to translate to the GUI. Just make sure you're using the USB IP and not the WiFi IP, otherwise you'll be transferring over WiFi. Very convenient but slow.
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    12-06-11 12:23 AM