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    My company has a corporate Exchange email and uses google gmail to access our messages outside the company.

    I have had my native email set up on my Playbook via ActiveSync since I beta beta.

    I am currently on and gmail has been working fine.

    In some of my Work emails, I had downloaded files but I could not delete them after viewing. I was concerned about security and these work file downloads taking up GB space.

    I thought if I deleted my Work Account in the Playbook and re-install that I could clean up these inaccessible downloads.

    Well, when I tried to reinstall the Work account using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync feature again, I get this message:

    'NoneType' object is not iterable. Now I do not have access to to corporate gmail in the native email app.

    Any suggestions or alternatives?
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    10-16-12 11:20 PM
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    Any takers or did I stump everyone?
    10-18-12 03:29 PM

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