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    I hook the playbook to the PC and go to my computer click on the RIM Icon and it asks what language tries to install and I get Device manager requires your computer is running XP SP3 or later.
    I have XP on my PC. Not sure what to do next. I can't transfer any videos on or off the tablet.
    09-10-12 12:38 AM
  2. Heavens1's Avatar
    In the meantime until you can work out the PC/PB issue you can send your vids to a free cloud app like Drop Box or SugarSync etc.

    If you install Box via PB App World you'll get 50GB of free data to upload/download, that can be used on the PB and the PC, and should be well and truly sufficient to drop files between the PB and PC.
    09-10-12 03:57 AM
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    The obvious question is, are you running service pack 3 or later? The problem with using any of the free cloud services is that they generally limit the size of files you can upload. I think Box limits files to 100 MB or less, and a 2 minute video recorded at 1080P can hit 100 MB.
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    09-10-12 07:51 AM
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    Having had a similar problem, you could try going into storage and sharing, and manually set the usb connection. If it is on auto change it to windows for some reason I find that every so often I have to change this setting to allow file sharing

    09-10-12 08:12 AM
  5. deanosig's Avatar
    You may get 50 gb of memory but the file size is max 100 megabytes. Mu video is
    around 500 megabytes. So it is limited, and won't serve my purpose.
    09-10-12 11:10 PM
  6. deanosig's Avatar
    Got a laptop with windows 7. It to the software and drivers. Put a video on the laptop desktop. Tranferred it to the playbook. Can't find it any where. How would I play it on a tv? Another app is need or where would I find it stored?
    09-11-12 01:25 AM
  7. deanosig's Avatar
    I downloaded it from rapidshare and is a dtv.xvid. Will Rapid share video files work?
    09-11-12 01:34 AM
  8. pacoman03's Avatar
    Change the file extension to avi. It may work then.
    09-11-12 06:37 AM
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    This thread seems to be about videos. That's not my problem. I connect my PB to the PC (WIN XP SP3). BB Device Manager gives the message that it is connected and activating device access. But, I never get device access; cannot view/transfer files to/from the PB. DM recognizes the PB but files are not accessible . BB Device Manager Options 'Mount tablet volumes on connect' and 'Launch File Explorer on volume mount' ARE checked. I've uninstalled/re-installed the drivers but problem still exists. Don't have any problems connecting to my 9900, only with the Playbook. Any suggestions?
    11-14-12 01:26 PM
  10. starchit's Avatar
    Never mind. If I disconnect WiFi and Bluetooth on the PB, then the PC has access to the file on the PB.

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    11-14-12 01:50 PM
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    I've forgotten a lot about xp, but on win 7 I had the same prob, I forgot how it was fixed... but basicly it was viewing the playbook as a seprate device on your LAN. if u know about networking then that's where the prob is. u need to talk to someone who knows a lot about networking.. lol cuz I accidentlly fixed it but couldn't tell ya how I did it, lol.
    11-14-12 10:31 PM