08-30-12 09:17 PM
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  1. mflorendo's Avatar
    Hello all....I just noticed that the Canadian Video Store is now available on App World. I always thought that this would come in an OS upgrade, but it looks like it was deployed via App World.
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    07-26-12 12:37 AM
  2. Mercury's Avatar
    *yawn* yesterdays news.... On crackberry's front page!!

    Video Store for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available in Canada | CrackBerry.com
    07-26-12 07:00 AM
  3. Chaddface's Avatar
    I like the video store and I'm glad you Canadians finally got it eh.
    In the US it came in an OS update. I guess RIM wanted to push it out before the next update.

    Sorry about the self appointed welcoming committee.
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    07-26-12 10:21 AM
  4. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    ermmm... is it just me or do all the previews suffer from some stutter?

    Not terribly impressed with the selection. Plus it seems to me that $3.99 is kind of high for all that old stuff on there. The current releases are $4.99 which is a good deal as long as they will play without stuttering.
    07-26-12 03:01 PM
  5. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I also noticed that some of tbe movies are listed more than once. For example, "Wolverine" is listed twice. On one listing, it is only available for purchase at 14.99. The other listing shows both a purchase and a rental option, with the rental at 3.99 and the purchase is the same price as the other instance of the movie. Funny...
    07-26-12 03:41 PM
  6. Chaddface's Avatar
    In the case of Wolverine, one version has additional footage. I notice American reunion has two also but one is NR and the other R.

    I don't have any trouble watching the trailers.
    07-26-12 03:55 PM
  7. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    ok so I rented my first movie. Really good quality - no stuttering. However what about rewinding and fast forwarding, or skipping ahead???

    I see there is a button to skip back 30 seconds. But I was 20 minutes into a movie, had a phone call, after the call I wanted to rewind the movie and I clicked to drag the button back along the time-line bar a few minutes and it went back to the beginning of the movie. Now there seems to be no way to skip ahead to where I was. Grrr...
    07-26-12 06:43 PM
  8. lynxs_claw's Avatar

    Just use the native PB video player.. It works great and I find it better than the video store player. It would be nice however to see the movie icon in it though.
    07-26-12 09:31 PM
  9. Chaddface's Avatar

    Just use the native PB video player.. It works great and I find it better than the video store player.
    I didn't know the video store had a player until I read your post. Both players allow me to use the slider to go to any point in the movie.
    07-26-12 11:05 PM
  10. sean000's Avatar
    My store still says unavailable in Canada. Do you have to register an account before it works or whatA?

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    07-26-12 11:09 PM
  11. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I clicked the link in the CB article announcing the video store in Canada. It took me to App World for a free download.


    Just had the failure to skip issue again. I paused it, and it went to a blank screen, then the movie restarted at the beginning. Very aggravating. How would I use the native player to open a rented movie from the video store?
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    07-26-12 11:28 PM
  12. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Damn, there it is right there in the video folder. The icon for the movie I rented appears in my videos folder. I tapped on it and the movie started in the native video player. And... the slider works so I can scroll to any point in the movie. It sure is sweet to watch the movie in HD and control the PB from across the room using my Torch.
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    07-26-12 11:30 PM
  13. FreeJACLive's Avatar
    It is called Video Store Canada if you search for it like that it will come up. The icon is a little paper shopping bag with a film strip on the front.
    07-27-12 10:05 AM
  14. JVRudnick's Avatar
    I just d/l same ie its installed....but when i now open up the VideoStore app, all it continues to say is sorry only available in the US...

    So...how do you "enable" the aapp to work?
    07-27-12 10:18 AM
  15. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I just d/l same ie its installed....but when i now open up the VideoStore app, all it continues to say is sorry only available in the US...

    So...how do you "enable" the aapp to work?
    The only suggestion I have is to contact roxio. The Video Store help screen lists the following for support:


    The support page provides a 1-800 # as well as an email link.

    Let us know if you get this issue sorted out.
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    07-27-12 11:04 AM
  16. LuayS's Avatar
    I downloaded the US version when I was in the US and now i cant get rid of it... I wish it would just be one app that realizes your location and sets it to that one... sigh
    07-27-12 12:35 PM
  17. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    You should be able to just go into AppWorld, tap "MyWorld" and then find the Video Store on your list of installed apps and tap "delete". Then search for the video store in AppWorld and download the Canadian version.

    Your fully justified gripe about having just one version that detects your location is what I call an example of the programmers not fully thinking the app thru from the enduser's perspective. Yeah, doing it the way they did probably made it way easier for them to segregate content geographically, but doing it your way would have required a lot more programming effort but would have been way more user-friendly. Funny they chose the former over the latter.
    07-27-12 12:53 PM
  18. Gatmyer's Avatar
    How did I miss this? installing it now.
    07-27-12 04:36 PM
  19. Gatmyer's Avatar
    If I buy a movie here and download it can I transfer it to my computer and burn for later use? Or does it just store my purchase online?

    Rental worked well.
    07-28-12 12:28 PM
  20. Gatmyer's Avatar
    Well answered my own question. I dont understand why when you purchase something you can only view it on other plp's terms. IMO when you buy something its yours...PERIOD.

    Good rental service but I will never buy. For $20 It should be mine like any other product I purchase.

    It is described in the terms of use so nothing I can do about it

    Stupid lawyers.

    ////End Rant////

    On a positive note, I can finally whatch movies on the playbook
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    07-28-12 02:48 PM
  21. Chaddface's Avatar
    You can move a purchased movie to your PC to free up space but it will only play on the PB it was purchased on.
    I agree that once purchased you should be free to watch it on a different device.
    07-28-12 04:29 PM
  22. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    If I buy a movie here and download it can I transfer it to my computer and burn for later use? Or does it just store my purchase online?

    Rental worked well.
    I too was wondering about that. So I called the 1-800 # and found out that the license is limited to viewing the movie on the PB. (Of course this includes viewing it on your hdtv using the hdmi cord attached to the PB.)

    But the customer support guy, Johnny (of Bangalore, presumably), told me that I could copy the video file off the PB onto my laptop (or other external storage), then transfer it back to the PB for later viewing. See attached support chat.

    He looks above only to see he has been beaten to the punch again by Chad Face. Grrr...

    But in all seriousness, I totally agree with Chad & Gatmyer that once we have "purchased" a movie, we should be able to watch it on a different device if we want to. Often in thinking about these digital versions of things and the rules/limitations thrown up to protect copyright, I find it useful to consider an analogy to old tech. So, if I had bought a VHS tape, I could play it on any VHS player, not just the one brand I own right now, or the brand that is sold by the video retailer. However there was no way to a VHS tape on a beta machine or a laserdisk player. Same thing with LP records, 8-tracks and audio cassettes. If the downloaded movie were stored in .avi format or .mp4 format, then I could play it back on other tablets or computers. I can see that the copyright owners wouldn't want us to be able to burn dvd or bd disks as we could then sell them or easily give copies away, encroaching on their market.
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    07-28-12 05:53 PM
  23. jabberwock78's Avatar
    So here's a question: what do I do when the purchased movie is "unable to continue download" every time I try, and then the movie store says I've downloaded it too many times and must re purchase it? It hasn't given it to me once yet!!!
    07-28-12 08:03 PM
  24. FF22's Avatar
    You will have to contact the movie store and ask for a refund. There must be a contact number.
    07-28-12 09:50 PM
  25. kill_9's Avatar
    The movie selection is limited though it should improve with time one hopes. As for the television series episodes there is no excuse for the absence of original programming produced by the Canadian television networks especially since it would promote Canadian content. And television episodes should be priced at CAD0.99 to encourage people to view them. The new Chief Marketing Officer needs to reach out to the major networks in Canada and get them on-board with their full catalogue of original programming. The price for the movie rentals seem fair and competitive with brick-and-mortar video stores.
    07-29-12 12:03 AM
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