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    Good numbers for the Playbook in Canada! (If you get past that the iPad will definitively be #1 for some time.) Actually I don't think this is new news but it's nice to see the PlayBook's popularity quantified on occasion.

    CanadianBusiness.com - Tablet ownership continues to surge in Canada; iPad tops: tech trends report

    TORONTO - Tablet ownership continues to surge in Canada and online and mobile TV viewing is on the rise, according to a new report on tech trends in Canada.

    Based on 2,000 surveys of anglophone Canadians conducted in March and April, CBC/Radio-Canada's Media Technology Monitor found that the rapid adoption of tablets continues, with about 21 per cent of those surveyed reporting they owned one of the pricey devices. That figure is up 3.5 times compared to last spring, when only six per cent of anglophone Canadians had a tablet.

    Apple's iPad was far and away the most popular tablet with about 62 per cent of the market in Canada, while Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook had a share of almost 20 per cent, according to the survey results.

    06-15-12 08:47 AM
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    06-15-12 09:01 AM