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    I know there are a lot of threads regarding dead playbook where batteries are at 0% charge and stack charging, but none have answered my questions.

    Wondering if it is safe to charge the PB with both the magnetic 3 pin quick charger and the 1.8A charger included with the PB?

    My PB battery went to 0% and I've been trying to stack charge with the magnetic 3 pin quick charger.

    Started charging when PB is completely off, red light goes on for 3-4 sec then goes off, followed by solid yellow/green light for about 20 seconds then goes off again then the yellow/green light starts to glow on and off 5-7 times then stays solid green.

    I tried to turn PB on but the BlackBerry PlayBook logo does not display with the pastel / water color screens, just blank (dark grey screen).

    After charging all day with the stack charging method (charge for 1 min and turn off) last week. I gave up. I was using the quick connect charger (magnetic 3 pin), started with red light, solid yellow/green, then 5 flashing yellow/green and changing to solid green, pulled connector off and waited 2 sec to connect the magnetic connector (noticed the green light fading and then connected it). This allowed the light to switch over to the yellow/green glowing light for 5x then it went to solid green, repeated again and again...

    This week, thought I'd tried again, this time again w/ Red light, then solid yellow, then 5x flashing yellow and solid green. I waited until the green light faded and was about to plug in and noticed green light faded BUT did not die, instead there was a weak green light that stayed lit for about 30 seconds before it went out. Is this the 1 min that some had advised we should wait before starting to charge again (step charging)? When I waited, the red light came on 2-3 sec, then solid yellow, followed by 5x yellow glowing lights before solid green. This time I did not bother trying to turn on the device, instead disconnected from quick connect waited 30 seconds for dim green light to go off and then connected the quick connect and repeated the process. I did this all day.

    Sitting in my living room with both chargers, I decided to connect both chargers to a power bar and connect both chargers to the 3 pin connector and the USB charger to the PB.
    Never was I able to see the charger with lightning bolt until later in the afternoon when I disconnected, so I quickly connected my chargers to the PB and it would glow yellow once before it went solid green. Noticed that when I followed with just the quick connect, it took 7 glowing yellow before it went solid green but when I had both chargers connected, it was 1 yellow glow before turning solid green.

    Stopped using both chargers and went back to the quick connect, my question is should I disconnect when I get solid green let the green light completely fade to complete black then reconnect and start with red light, yellow then flashing yellows to green and repeat OR should I disconnect (when I see electrical plug w/ lightning bolt) and immediately reconnect. Doing so I see the 7x yellow before it goes solid green.

    Does the PB automatically turn on? I don't want to try powering on to have the battery drained. Also should I continue to have both chargers connected to charge my dead PB. Yeah, this is my equivalent of a defibrillator but not sure if this will work or ideal.
    04-27-14 05:07 PM
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    I don't think I've ever run my PB down to 0. Nor have I ever used the 3-pin connector. I have run it low enough that it shuts itself down, though, and I've just used the stock USB charger to bring it back. It does go through an annoying (and long) sequence of LED flashes and colors, but it's always come back. I'm not sure if it's wise using two charging sources at the same time -- could be one interfering with the other? I would try the 1.8 A charger alone for a few hours and see what happens.
    04-27-14 07:08 PM
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    Thanks sleepngbear, my 16GB PB was dead, when I last tried to turn it on, it was the dark gray screen, nothing would happen and then complete darkness. I thought, what do I have to loose, I was ready to give up and use it as a beverage coaster. Since I had the 1.8 A charger and the 2.0 A quick connect charger, why not.

    I gave it a few tries with the two chargers at about 6pm Eastern (time I wrote my above post), then as I indicated noticed the yellow glowing lights blinked only a few times before changing over to solid green. At about 10:30pm I pressed the power button with the charger connected (solid green), my FranknBerry was a live!!!

    Either the extra charge put it through the minimum voltage threshold required to wake it or the wait until the weak green light went out to continue step charging or a combination of both allowed my FranknBerry to run on it's own power. I was surprized to see 100% full battery when the PB was fully powered up. I quickly updated the OS this device was missing and had it restarted twice under its own power. Doing a full back up on my desktop now.

    A BIG thank you to the posts by F2 and everyone who have provided clues.

    I hope my contribution helps someone with a dead playbook, give this a try if all other step charging procedures did not help.

    Again, I don't see anything wrong with my revived PB, my Defib worked for me, but before you go this route, try reading F2 and wait for the weak green light to go off before you reconnect your 1.80A or 2.0A charger and don't forget to control your charger with a power bar.

    FranknBerry is a live!!!!
    04-27-14 10:27 PM
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    I have read that the actually charging is only when the LED is on, so the minute is probably overkill. I also think people may only try the stack charging for only 10-20 cycles, when in reality, if the charge is only accepted when the light is on (1-2 seconds), it would take a lot longer as you experienced.
    04-28-14 09:10 AM
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    Thanks Gooseberry, I'll keep that in mind. Noticed I had my PB on standby after full charge in the morning but when I got home in the evening I got the Greg screen again (screen in that powered on state but dark screen). Pressed power button for few seconds but nothing happened. Did +/- & power bottom combo to reset. Got red light then it went out. Plugged in 1.8A charger and it showed charging (red light then glowing yellow), after 5 min, pressed power button and it booted up normally.

    PB must be programmed with a certain life expectancy.

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    04-29-14 09:11 AM

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