1. Compact's Avatar
    Off snowboarding thinking of ditching the laptop and just taking the playbook.

    1) Can I easily copy camera photos to it for uploading to Facebook?
    2) Can i copy clips from my GoPro and play or edit with them with an app?

    02-02-12 03:20 PM
  2. taylortbb's Avatar
    No and no is the short answer right now.

    USB OTG support is coming soon which will let you copy photos from a camera.

    Video editing is harder to answer but RIM did buy JayCut, so it'll happen at some point.
    02-02-12 03:22 PM
  3. Compact's Avatar
    Cheers for the quick reply.
    I'm hoping the new OS brings a quarter of what I want to do.
    With the new iPad looming, I'm running out of excuses not to buy and write off the 160 for the playbook as a poor decision.
    (or it becomes the toilet tablet for reading viz
    02-02-12 03:41 PM
  4. cjterminator's Avatar
    Answer to 1st question is yes. It is very easy to transport pics from your camera to PB (with camera connected to a PC, no need to connect PB). I do it all the time, this does not require any tool and directory through Windows explorer.
    Also easy uploads to Facebook through native app.

    Answer to 2nd question is No for now. Jaycut goodies should be heading to us soon, who knows surprise in OS2.0
    02-02-12 05:59 PM