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    I know the Video Store is scheduled to be shut down on July 21st and it may happen even sooner, as it did last week, albeit temporarily. If I can find a good deal, I would consider buying a used PlayBook from a local seller in a face-to-face transaction so that I may buy some of the 99-cent movies before the Video Store shuts down and then give the PlayBook to someone as a gift. New PlayBooks no longer come with the Video Store, hence a used one. I know that if the seller does a Security Wipe, the Video Store will be lost. I am not interested in sideloading or any other complicated method of trying to get it back after it is wiped out. Therefore, I have thought it over and think that if I am able to convince the seller not to do a Security Wipe, then I may be able to save the Video Store on the unit even if it is just for a few more weeks.

    My thought is that if I do the following in the presence of the seller and with the seller's cooperation, the seller's private information is protected from me and my information is protected from the seller:

    1. Have the seller delete all private files/information.

    2. From the main menu, go to "Blackberry ID" to change the information such as first name, last name, screen name and Blackberry ID username to my information.

    3. Go to "Security" to change the password (access to device), if password is used by the seller.

    4. Go to "Storage and Sharing" and change the password if a password is used.

    I believe that if the above steps are done, there will be no need for the seller to do a Security Wipe and the Video Store can be saved. Am I wrong? Have I missed something, whether it is for the seller's protection or my protection? I would not want to do this if the seller is not adequately protected by not doing a Security Wipe. I would also not want to do this if I am not adequately protected by the seller not doing a Security Wipe.

    Thank you in advance for any input or information that you may have to share with me.
    07-01-14 07:45 PM
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    When the BBID is changed, a wipe is initiated automatically. As a matter of fact, the only way to change the BBID is to do a wipe and setup through the initial process.
    07-01-14 07:47 PM
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    The video store does not use the BlackBerryID. You create a user name on the video store and just log into the video store with this user name and password, regardless of the BlackBerryID on the PlayBook.

    I buy the movies on my PlayBook and then log my kid's Playbook into the Video Store using my user name to download any kid videos I purchased. Their PlayBooks are on unique BlackBerryID. The video store counts the number of devices the movie is downloaded to, so there is a limitation to how many PlayBooks you can put the same movie on.

    In regards to changing the BlackBerryID user name by editing it on the PlayBook, it will push this change to all devices with this BlackBerryID. In other words, if you have two PlayBooks or a Phone on the same BlackBerryID and change the BlackBerryID from JaneDoe@hotmail.com to JohnDoe@hotmail.com, all the devices signed into JaneDoe@hotmail.com, will be changed to the user name and password of JohnDoe@hotmail.com. This is to prevent pirating or sharing of apps. Some people make this mistake when selling a phone or PlayBook and suddenly realize they are locked out of their other phone or playbook because the new owner changed the BlackBerryID email address and password. They didn't actually change the BlackBerryID, just changed the email associated with it.
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    07-02-14 09:06 PM

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