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    Just wondering how happy I'm using BlackBerry Playbook along with my BlackBerry Bold 9780.

    (Combination of Playbook and other BlackBerry phone gives same experience as I do with my Bold 9780. I feel touch screen BB phone is better though)

    Apart from all the features of the tablet other platform people use, combination of BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry phone makes my life so easy.

    I have not used any other tablet other than Playbook so far and I want to know from everyone out there to share your experiences with other platforms using both tablet and phone together (iPad with iPhone and Android tablet and Android phone). I know some of the guys out there are using non-BlackBerry products.

    Always my Playbook & BB Bold will be connected through BlackBerry Bridge (via Bluetooth). Except for few occasions I dont carry around my Playbook. But as most of the guys do, my BlackBerry phone will always be stick to my skin, all the time.

    1. I can access emails, BBM, Calendar, Memos, Tasks and Contacts from both devices. If it is just to read a short plain text mail, I use my phone and if I have attachment of documents or pictures I use my Playbook to read my mails. For replying my mails I always prefer my Playbook because I can format texts with ease compared to replying from my phone.

    2. Normally I read my Twitter messages on my phone (I use Twitter app and Uber-Social app) and if I want to open a web page link, I always hit Open link on Playbook on my phone. Boom... browser is fired-up on my Playbook and I can view web page on 7-inch brilliant screen.

    3. I always keep important documents on my phones memory card, which I believe more secure than storing them on my Playbook. This is because sometimes my Playbook is left behind at home or office if I do not want to carry both devices. My documents on my phone can be accessed through my Playbook for reading & editing at anytime. In addition, I can create a new document on my Playbook and save it on to my phone. I love this part above all as it gives me a good level of confidence and secured feeling given the confidentiality of some of my documents.

    4. Best part of the marriage between my Playbook and BlackBerry Bold is to connect my Playbook to my big LED TV using HDMI cable and use my phone as remote. This is awesome experience of all. I not only work on bigger screen but also use it for my fun part for watching videos and photos stored on my Playbook and surf internet.

    One thing I miss for now is the inability to use my phone to control games on my playbook using BlackBerry Bridge. But that does not really make me sad as I can do lot more funny things. Yeah, another missing thing is inability to watch videos on my Playbook, which are stored on my phone. Hoping this is going to come in future OS updates.
    08-16-12 02:17 PM
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    I've been Android for my phone since early last year and I own a PB so I'll try to answer based on that.

    1. I'm not on BBM, most of my friends/family are on a wide variety of platforms. I occasionally use Skype on my phone for IM etc, and regular SMS is my usual texting method I don't have any SMS or IM services on my PB

    2. Pretty cool feature

    3. All of my docs are in the cloud now because I got so sick of making hard copies on each device on top of my desktop PC. Plus I can share access to my Box and Dropbox files to others when needed. Luckily for me, both clouds have PB apps, Android apps, and desktop access. Any ultra sensitive docs are kept strictly on my desktop, and not on any mobile device at all.

    4. While a nice feature, it's a preference one. For me, I use HDMI out perhaps half a dozen times a year.

    Bridge isn't attractive enough for me to give up all the other things my Android phone is capable of just for that feature alone. My phone is more important than my tablet, and there's more likelihood of me switching to numerous different OS platforms on tablet purchases than there is on a phone. I'm pretty invested in the Android ecosystem now so BB10 would basically have to blow Android 4.1 (or higher by the time BB10 arrives) quite literally out of the water by a massive margin and I know no phone OS is going to outdo another by such a huge margin these days.

    My PB is basically a media device to watch movies when I'm on night shifts, and a casual mobile web surfer. I don't use it for anything serious. But after owning a tablet for the last year, I don't think I will ever buy a tablet for serious portable use until tablets catch up to ultrabooks in terms of power use and capabilities. I can type 10x faster on an ultrabook, the storage difference is 10x higher, and there's no such things as "not having an app for that" on an ultrabook. But in terms of something ultra portable for watching movies and surfing the web on the go, extended battery life, I will always still want a 7" tab for being able to slide it in a cargo pocket and take anywhere.
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    08-16-12 04:10 PM
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    I cannot speak for iOS I have never owned an Apple phone or iPad. I can tell you for most of the things you mentioned above -there is an Android equivalent that works about as well - of course we start with only BB can do BBM

    1. Using ActiveSync on both Android tab and phone it syncs with my office Exchange server almost immediately. If I read an email on my phone it shows up read on my GTab 8.9. If I send an email on my Tab I can access the sent mail folder on the phone. There is no (that I am aware of) open the document on my tab equivalent, but again a doc available on you phone would also be available on the Tab if it's email.

    2. I use the same native Twitter app on both Android devices though I understand there are much better ones available 3rd party - not a big Twitter user. I read far more than I post and the native app on Android is fine for me.

    3. Both my Tab and Phone allow use of LogMeIn - allows me to access and edit important documents and leave them on my desktop. I like that feature better for important docs than leaving it accessible on my phone. Google Drive (the successor to Google Docs) also allows me to edit docs on either and technically not leave a copy on my phone, though it is accessible through the app, it is protected by password the same as a BB phone would be.

    4. I have a Samsung DVD player and that allows all 3 to be synced (in addition to my Networked drives on my computers (desktop and laptop) and my media server) through All Share - Samsung's proprietary app. Allows me to wirelessly control whats being shown on any of the 3. If you like the Bridge you will absolutely love All Share - no wire required. Ever see the BB video where they show an office presentation and it shows up on everyone's playbook? That's already available via All Share on the new GS3 and the new Galaxy Tabs I understand (I haven't seen it except on a commercial myself)

    So that's how I see Android equivalents to what you wrote about for the playbook. I hope someone can speak to iOS for you as well.
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    08-16-12 09:10 PM
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    Is it Round Robin time already?! I just love fair comparisons and unbiased reviews!

    Any iOS/WP7 users out there that can join up?
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    08-16-12 09:26 PM
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    Is it Round Robin time already?! I just love fair comparisons and unbiased reviews!

    Any iOS/WP7 users out there that can join up?
    Very refreshing indeed
    08-16-12 09:46 PM
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    1. Yes

    2. Tab sync allows you to share pages with any device, so yes

    3. Documents are in the cloud so they can be accessed on any device and pinned for offline usage, so yes

    4. There are several apps for that if you are so inclined and Android also has USB hosting so you can use any USB or bluetooth peripheral to control your device (including game pads), so yes
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    08-16-12 10:02 PM