1. csubi's Avatar
    Tried a security wipe... twice. No Joy.

    Calld RIM. Had me update software, which was already updated. No Joy.

    Anyone have an idea??

    10-02-12 09:59 PM
  2. snow_stipple's Avatar
    This has been an often reported problem. Try typing in CB's search 'Playbook camera gray'
    Some of the later replies might help.

    I mentioned this before to another poster who had a camera problem but hadn't heard if she tried it: does your camera work when you go to AOL AV? Just wondering if the issue continued with it.
    10-02-12 11:10 PM
  3. dusdal's Avatar
    I had this on two playbooks. On both the camera app had vertical gray bars and the video chat was just a green screen.

    RIM sent RMAs and boxes for both and I am just awaiting their return now.

    I had to go through the paces with tech support though and do a downgrade on both as I was on beta.

    Hopefully they pull through for me.
    10-03-12 12:40 AM
  4. csubi's Avatar
    I'll keep looking for answers but I may have to send it in. Faint hope 2.1 might fix it.

    Sorry but what is AOL AV?
    10-03-12 04:37 AM
  5. Mercury's Avatar
    Sounds like the Iphone 5 statements coming out about the purple haze looking pictures.

    "Nope, it's fine, it's supposed to be like that" iPhone 5 users complain about purple photos - CNN.com
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    10-03-12 05:04 AM
  6. snow_stipple's Avatar

    AOL AV is a video chat service. You can use it with your PB to video chat with someone who doesn't have a PB.

    Bing or google, etc will get you there. After selecting the camera icon it should show the front or back camera shot. It will also allow you to switch between the two though it might take a couple of tries using the settings button.

    What I was wondering was whether it worked at all in your situation. And, if it did, whether your native PB camera would then work after you logged off AOL.
    10-03-12 02:42 PM