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    Hi I am new to blackberry products, but just brought a new PlayBook. I realy like the device but i have one problem. The camera is not very good at macro shot (this would be one of my main usage). After reading a few threads i known this is because its an EDOF and not a autofocus. I can live with that.

    I would like to be able to bluetooth over images from my Nexus S or my N8, but don't seem to be able to. I can pair both devices but when i try to transfer photo it says transfer failed.In Bluetooth device properties it says "Services : Audio/Video Remote Control". Does this mean the PlayBook does not support image transfer over bluetooth ?

    Hope someone can help.
    08-30-12 05:07 PM
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    You can always Tether and Wifi share

    I tried to send a pic via BT using my 8520 to my gfs Live Walkman and it didnt work either.

    My guess is that accepting files via via BT from a device thats not a BB may be considered a security issue and thus repelled.

    But its just a guess ^^

    Hope u manage ur problem.

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    08-30-12 05:12 PM
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    You have discovered that the pb does NOT support bt transfer between most devices. You can email the photos to yourself or use an intermediary device. I'm not sure if Ghost Commander on both devices can get around the limitation.
    08-30-12 07:16 PM
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    Thanks for the replies. For me unless i can transfer photo easily i will not use it. Does anyone know if this is planned for future software updates, or if WiFi transfer can be done easily (ie click on share and say send to WiFi device) ?
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    08-31-12 11:39 AM
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    The drivers are not there for BT file transfer, it won't work. If you had a BlackBerry smartphone, you could use Files & Folders as it allows for BT file transfers over BIS (any file and size).

    You can also try cloud storage. You could use SugarSync, Box.com, Dropbox (although I find this one the least preferable option) to move the files around.

    Good question about Wifi File Transfer.
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    08-31-12 12:16 PM