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    I've been waiting on answer from RIM for a couple weeks now on if there is a size limit for the number of events, or the memory size of calendar data when Syncing the native Playbook Calendar.

    We use Exchange Active Sync (EAS) and found for a first time sync, I had to move all my appointments to an offline folder in my Outlook 2010, then drag in a few (50) at a time or the calendar wouldn't sync. This was tested with multiple Playbooks to the same Exchange profile (account).

    Original symptom was that no Exchange (Outlook 2010, or OWA) created or existing events entered would sync to the PB. However new appointments on the Playbook Native Calendar would sync to the Exchange Server via EAS.

    I had just under 4,000 appointments (3 year history) that was approximately 19Meg of data.

    I saw a similar thread, although a couple years old, where Android and IOS devices had one way sync issues with EAS as well.

    We use Exchange 2003, but heard problem exisits with Exchange 2007 as well.

    Anyone run across any size limit specs for EAS with Playbook?
    08-22-12 07:33 AM