02-03-12 07:57 PM
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    BLUF-its perfect for staying in touch.

    I bought a PB just recently. I'm deployed. It was a little frustrating because the Blackberry store does not ship to APO's. But anyway, I am not bridging my Torch. I actually did a military suspension with ATT. The fb app works great, and I did do a dumb thing and downloading the beta 2.0.7111 and I can't download any apps. Luckily I downloaded alot before I did the dumb move. But the pb is perfect for watching movies. Get the 64g, for $299, you can't go wrong. There is also a nice little VOIP app that I use to call home. So I rarely use my laptop now.

    02-03-12 10:53 AM
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    Hey man, former Marine here. Thanks for your service and all you have done. I understand what you are going through, been there myself last year. Since got out, anyways, I'm about to get myself a playbook shortly because of all the customer reviews. Your best bet is to see if you can ship the playbook to a family member (whom i must suggest is technologically inclined), have them set it up and download apps for you, and ship it to you. Around this time and depending on your location, my mail was arriving within a week, so if you send it to family (or better yet, transfer them money to pay for it at the store), it might take them a little bit to set it up and download all the apps for you, and you could have it by next weekend or possibly the week after. My brother in-law is currently deployed too (Marine also) and he has been buying stuff online and having them sent to my house for me to set them up and ship them to him.

    If I may suggest one more thing, I used a website when I was deployed last year for stuff I didnt want anybody else touching. apobox.com is a really great website. You sign up for an account, they give you an address. You put in your physical address in your account, and any time you order something that isn't available for APO/FPO shipping, you send the order to the address provided by the website, and once they receive your package, they ship it to your address you put in your account. Just an idea, takes an extra day or two, but it is completely worth it.

    Semper Fidelis... Oorah!
    02-03-12 07:57 PM
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