View Poll Results: Does Your PlayBook Wobble On A Flat Surface?

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  • No and my power button is flush

    175 29.97%
  • No and my power button is raised

    176 30.14%
  • Yes and my power button is flush

    101 17.29%
  • Yes and my power button is raised

    132 22.60%
01-18-13 03:21 PM
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  1. semicoln's Avatar
    Mine has a slight wabble too. I figured it was because of the logo and didn't think much of it but it could get annoying if I was typing with it on a table.

    No other problems and then because of reading the forum I'm now going to dwell on it until I decide to exchange the PB
    04-21-11 09:23 AM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    If you have been using it extensively, maybe the heat is causing the plastic to warp and bulge. Does the back get really hot??
    Warm.. only when plugged into the ac adapter
    Cool.. when used with battery

    The silver logo might be causing the slight bulge
    04-21-11 10:08 AM
  3. kb2755's Avatar
    I'm noticing that the area with the bulge is warmer than the rest of the backing, has anyone talked to support or anyone else of "use" for this topic?
    04-21-11 10:12 AM
  4. semicoln's Avatar
    I don't think heat caused it, I noticed it didn't sit flat before I even turned it on. Doesn't get very warm anyway.

    I guess we should try talking to support?
    04-21-11 10:51 AM
  5. leafs123's Avatar
    Mine has a slight one but doesn't really affect my ability to type on a flat desk. The bulge is where the logo is. Unless you look at the PlayBook on the surface, you will not notice it. For me it's not a biggie because in reality, even if I'm laying the PB on a desk, I will put it on top of a case and not directly on the surface to avoid scratches and whatnot.
    04-21-11 11:24 AM
  6. kb2755's Avatar
    Mine's certainly not being an issue, I just don't want it to turn into one. If it is a defect, I'd like to get it sorted out within the 14 day period.
    04-21-11 11:55 AM
  7. mfldmike's Avatar
    Here are some high res photo's of really doesn't have a bulge...the last picture show's a slight one, but nothing that affects it while typing on a flat surface

    04-21-11 12:00 PM
  8. PiotrJot's Avatar
    The bulge means it likes you.
    I should not be reading CB forum at work! Co-workers look strange at me laughing out loud!
    04-21-11 12:05 PM
  9. leafs123's Avatar
    @mfldmike that is very similar to mine. Doesn't really affect my use either.
    04-21-11 12:08 PM
  10. kbz1960's Avatar
    Wouldn't that be annoying to type with it flat on a table? It's a tablet, it's made for holding just my 200 pesos.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    Maybe we should poll ipad users on that comment. I have bad wrists and I tried a xoom and after only a couple minutes my hands were hurting.
    04-21-11 12:19 PM
  11. kb2755's Avatar
    Also what mine looks like. Looking at it head on, there's nothing. As soon as you lay it flat, you see a difference in the shadow and a slight raise.
    04-21-11 12:21 PM
  12. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    nope, mine lies perfectly flat on the table. No wobble at all when I tap on the opposite ends.
    04-21-11 12:43 PM
  13. semicoln's Avatar
    @mfldmike That is what mine looks like too, very slight around the logo
    04-21-11 04:04 PM
  14. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    04-21-11 07:55 PM
  15. semicoln's Avatar
    I went to Best Buy Mobile to show my PB's "bulge" to them and look at their demo unit. The bulge on their demo was much worse than mine, the guy sat it on the desk and spun it.
    04-22-11 12:27 AM
  16. Mvor7's Avatar
    Ayayayay! The little girl in china didn't do a good job again, eh? Twenty lashes!

    (political incorrectness intended)
    04-22-11 12:51 AM
  17. bighap's Avatar
    Putting an OtterBox on removed my wobble
    04-22-11 08:02 PM
  18. marauder1432's Avatar
    i am sending mine back to rim. got this a couple of days after i purchased. also the backing is starting to separate from the metal portion. the service rep said it is supposed to be flat... i'll post the end result later.
    05-10-11 06:59 PM
  19. b_wood00's Avatar
    Mine has the bulge, so I'm taking it back to staples to compare with others they have in stock. Prefer to swap it for a flat one as it seems like a defect to me. If it is not by design, excess pressure is probably being applied to internals.
    05-12-11 11:02 AM
  20. pelletizer's Avatar
    Mine has a slight rock.
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    05-12-11 11:35 AM
  21. bryanhayn's Avatar
    Did anyone's bulge get larger over time? (no, not that bulge, you silly boy!)
    05-26-11 02:32 AM
  22. Username5300's Avatar
    Lays flat!
    05-26-11 05:02 AM
  23. bighap's Avatar
    Just to update. My bulge has has definitely grown (no pun intended ) I didn't notice it because it was in an OtterBox. I called RIM support and they said that was not normal for it to wobble. As a side note, I got a live person within 10 seconds of choosing my menu options. Very impressive IMO. An RMA has been issued and they are sending me a pre-paid shipping box. I hate to send it in because I have had zero issues otherwise but I don't want to have any hardware issues later down the road due to this. I will keep you guys updated. Sure gonna miss my baby
    06-02-11 10:26 AM
  24. MrT1ki's Avatar WHY DID I CLICK THIS THREAD?!?!
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    06-02-11 11:10 AM
  25. berrydeck's Avatar
    mine has a slight bulge, and it squishes inwards with slight pressure.... this is my 3rd one already...
    06-02-11 09:29 PM
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