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    I've got a torch 9860 AT&T and i've got BB bidge installed but when I try to browse the net with my playbook I get "your wireless service plan must include a subscription to a tethering plan to share your smartphones' internet connection" WTH. Thought bridge was supposed to eliminate that .Might as well get rid of the playbook and go back to my netbook that has Tether on it. Any way to get around AT&T on this? I've tried search and found nothing that helps. COME ON CRACKBERRY GENIUISES!!!!! YOU GOTTA KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS.
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    11-01-12 05:47 PM
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    UNinstall the bridge on your phone. Reboot. Then ON YOUR PHONE visit RROYY.com and find the version of bridge that matches your OS version. It will avoid the AT&T pitfalls. You can visit that site on your computer and learn the location/navigation to find what you want, then use the phone to get it ota (other the air).
    11-01-12 08:07 PM
  3. farside33's Avatar
    Goto the PlayBook forum and click on the Sticky thread labled: BlackBerry Bridge (AT&T ready) OTA and BES Upgrade (
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    11-01-12 08:26 PM
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    Thanks guys.I knew there had to be someone that knew how to deal with this.AT&T really likes to hammer people every chance they get and I like to hammer back at them
    11-01-12 09:13 PM
  5. hudeout45's Avatar
    Bwah haha IT LIVES.Thanks a million guys,it works perfect.
    11-01-12 09:45 PM
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    Thank RROYY, and maybe throw a few bucks his way so he keeps updating the Bridge files for each successive OS version!
    11-02-12 02:28 PM

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