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    So while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic this past week I had an update icon displayed on the playbook (a few days after Kevin said we might b getting 2.1) So I updated to and have noticed a big change, first the pages take much longer to load and when it fully loads, the pages still show boxes when scrolling. The main issue I have seen is that some websites turn into the mobile version when that was never the case before. Has anyone else seen a difference in the browser? Did everyone get the update?. At first I thought it might be because I was in the Dominican Republic But I'm home now in Florida and still same issues. Also why have I not seen an article about 2.1 being out? So confused lol help
    09-30-12 03:08 PM
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    2.1 has not been officially released, you have the beta.

    The only way to upgrade to is to whitelist your PlayBook PIN to download the beta.
    09-30-12 03:16 PM
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    You got a notification for the Beta? Or did you get a 1mb update for the Beta you already had installed?

    Betas don't give update notifications unless you register for them. Clear caches and reboot. Usually fixes browser issues.
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    09-30-12 03:18 PM