1. seadug's Avatar
    When I click on the browser all I get is a grey screen. Hopefully it is something simple.

    Thanks Doug
    08-26-12 02:07 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Try a three finger salute. At the same time hold down all 3 buttons. power + and - until it restarts.
    08-26-12 07:49 AM
  3. seadug's Avatar
    Thank you! That did the trick.
    kbz1960 likes this.
    08-26-12 01:29 PM
  4. varunsain's Avatar
    I used to face that problem on the old OS.. @seadug, have you updated your OS? You can try the Beta version here - https://developer.blackberry.com/devzone/register
    08-27-12 12:37 AM
  5. seadug's Avatar
    I am at sea a lot. I just updated the operating system yesterday. Thanks Doug
    10-11-12 04:57 AM