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    Hi all,
    This may be a long post so bear with me as I think all the detail is necessary.
    I bought my Playbook about six weeks ago largely due to the price drop from PC World in Ireland and was disappointed to find I'd gotten a return as somebody else's Blackberry id was already registered and the box with the charger etc had been opened. Did a security wipe and off I went.

    I intermittently got the browser poof issue described in many other threads (browser or app closes itself abruptly often within seconds of opening) but usually a restart solved it for a while but it got progressively worse so I decided to go about solving it. There are two things which may have contributed to it, a failed update when on spotty hotel wi-fi which I immediately re-ran and installed and side-loaded android apps but I cannot be sure. My theory is corrupted os through update errors or some other cause has impacted memory management.

    Now the fix (warning it's a bit dramatic)
    Before any of the below please ensure you have battery in excess of 90% so the playbook won't run out of juice mid-repair.
    1 - connect playbook to pc via usb and use desktop manager to take a full backup. I'd also recommend manually copying and pasting photos or other media files/documents as these can then be restored partially or fully without doing a restore which may bring back the issue.
    2 - once you're happy everything important is backed up, disconnect from pc and perform a security wipe on the playbook. Once complete you'll have to re-do setup so you will need to be in a wi-fi area. Don't be alarmed if like me you end up with a home screen with just the browser and nothing else.
    3 - connect playbook to pc and desktop manager. if you have trouble connecting (playbook says installing drivers) and pc might show error in device manager - check playbook settings and set usb connection to windows (or mac if relevant) and not automatic. also turn on file sharing.
    4 - once connected stop any syncing that desktop manager might be attempting and do a hard reset on the playbook (hold down power and then volume + & - at the same time). Desktop manager will ask about updating your playbook - choose the middle button (update) and follow the process. DM will check and download the newest os and load onto playbook finishing with the playbook rebooting. once the reboot is complete and desktop manager detects it, it will prompt you to disconnect and complete setup.
    5 - you should now be back to factory setup of a stable os and will have to redo setup again. Don't forget you need wi-fi for this step.
    6 - Once setup is complete you can choose to restore your backup if you feel confident or manually copy back your media files and reinstall your apps from App World (under My World - uninstalled).

    Disclaimer - this worked for me and I'm not responsible if it either doesn't fix your issue or you lose files (backup backup backup)
    03-21-13 04:57 AM
  2. TejasBH's Avatar
    I've updated my PlayBook OS and this issue is almost not there..
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    03-21-13 06:58 AM
  3. Richard Barry's Avatar
    Been close to a week since I did the above fix and no issues. Everything is running like it should and more smoothly than it ever had for me.
    My best guess is the OS was corrupted by one of the following
    1)A bad update -I had one failed update on spotty hotel wi-fi which I immediately re-tried and was (I thought) successful
    2)A side-loaded android app which was improperly installed (I had a couple of fails -notably VLC) or was causing a memory drain.
    3)The damage was done before I got it as, as I mentioned, the box had been opened and blackberry id registered before being returned and then sold to me.

    The only fix that worked for me was a full reinstall of the OS. If you don't have this problem, good for you. If you do, then maybe consider what I found worked for me.
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    03-25-13 03:49 AM
  4. sad_old_man's Avatar
    I've updated my PlayBook OS and this issue is almost not there..
    Now how perfect is that?
    03-25-13 12:33 PM
  5. Richard Barry's Avatar
    A long overdue update.
    Everything has largely been fine however every now and again I get one of two problems
    1)The Playbook remains on boot loading screen for a long time and has to be restarted (rare - maybe once 1-2 months)
    2)The Playbook boots but browser gives could not play media when trying to play video and then browser will close itself and refuse to stay open if relaunched. A hard reset (or two) usually resolves this. This happens pretty much every time I have to boot after switching off to charge.

    I downloaded Origami browser and may give it a shot to see if I get less of issue 2.
    11-29-13 03:56 AM

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