1. bk1022's Avatar
    Sent my PlayBook to RIM to fix the MicroUSB port. I thought the experience was going to be seamless. Can't say how disappointed I am!

    Right off the bat, they claimed it was off warranty, which it isn't, and then they are claiming that since there is unusual damage to the HDMI port the USB port isn't covered. Aside from the fact that I don't use the HDMI port, I tried to make it clear that I don't care about the HDMI port, nor about any scratches on the device, nor anything else. It became rapidly clear that the call center is either not a dedicated facility or is improperly trained since the "floor supervisor" referred to RIM as "BlackBerry". It is pure insanity that the result of the RMA was supposed to be a $99 repair bill. Why would anyone pay $99 to repair something I can buy new again for the same price? For that matter, why would I pay $99 to replace a unit that breaks within the year? I have a storm 2, and the MicroUSB port has a metal shell that prevents seating damage and has actually worked quite well. Seems to me they solved that problem but elected to cheap out on the PlayBook anyway. If I wanted a device that breaks once a year, I'd buy an iPhone. The only way to charge the device is through the USB port so I basically have a brick.

    I take flak from people every single day asking me why I support RIM. Why do I still hold onto my Storm 2, people ask me.. Well, I've been waiting for a mythical BB10 phone for some time now, and I guess I have egg on my face. RIM thinks they can extort $99 from me because they cheapened out on the only external thing on the device that absolutely must never break... Well, an S3 is starting to look mighty good right now with its FIPS 140-2 cert.
    11-16-12 10:50 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    1) Damage to the HDMI port could have been from mistakenly trying to use it as the USB port for charging. They aren't the same size, but could be an easy mistake to make.

    2) A rapid charger can plug into the pogo ports beside the USB port, so there is a way to charge it. You would just need the rapid charger.

    I am can't say anything about the service center, but when my USB port stopped connecting to the computer six weeks after I got my PlayBook, they replaced it pretty quickly. I did make sure to send a copy of my sales receipt just to make sure they could see it was still under warranty.
    11-16-12 11:03 PM
  3. Rodojo's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the broken USB charging port on your PB. Just today I was talking to a salesperson at Best Buy and was told about this potential problem. Solution, if it works for you, is to buy a rapid charger or a docking station, they use the three pins beside the USB and don't seem to have the same kind of problems. That's the route I'll go if mine breaks. Oh btw stop kidding yourself, you know BB is the best. Cheers.
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    11-16-12 11:21 PM
  4. bk1022's Avatar
    I don't know nothing anymore except that if RIM doesn't fix my PB for free then I'm done with them.

    And by the way, the repair facility doesn't even seem to be in Canada. So whoopdeedoo.
    11-16-12 11:26 PM
  5. Dray451's Avatar
    Sorry to here you had no luck. I just went through this last week.Couldn't find my receipt so called rim to see if they could help. Was told I don't need receipt as warranty starts the day I activated it. I had registered the day I bought it so the 90 day free tech help had expired but was told that didn't matter. Was asked a few questions, put on hold a few times ( probably a total of 30 minutes on the phone). Next day had an rma # emailed to me. 2 days later I received a postage paid fed ex box to return playbook. Fed exed from Canada Thursday afternoon and got a new playbook in my mail box(shipped to/from Tennessee ) on the following Wednesday. No charge or communication from rim. I only had 5 weeks of warranty left. I am not trying to rub it in, just saying I got excellent customer service on the exact same issue. I would call back and maybe you will get a better customer rep. Good luck
    11-17-12 08:37 AM
  6. dugggggg's Avatar
    I don't know nothing anymore except that if RIM doesn't fix my PB for free then I'm done with them.
    The sense of entitlement is strong with this one. Have fun with your new S3---hopefully you'll be more careful with its "cheap" microUSB port. (Both the PB and S3 use the same OTG-compatible AB port.)
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    11-17-12 09:09 AM
  7. gwinegarden's Avatar
    The first time I saw a USB port and cable, I said whoever designed this should be shot. It just begs to be broken. And, now, it has become the defacto standard
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    11-17-12 01:28 PM
  8. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    Yes you pretty much have to mark your cable so not to damage it. White Out works well or nail polish. A simple dot on the top works well.
    11-17-12 03:12 PM
  9. shadow10z's Avatar
    as soon as i knew this thing charged by the usb port. i kew i needed to get a rapid charger. Just wish they had a typical round dc jack port.
    11-17-12 03:42 PM
  10. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    They fixed the power button and magnetic charging port on my ten month old PlayBook with no problems. It went to Tennessee and came back fixed in a total of 5 days. Didn't cost me a cent and they were very kind and professional. Sorry to hear you experienced the complete opposite. It was the best customer service I have ever received.
    11-17-12 07:08 PM
  11. FF22's Avatar
    And mine was about a month past warranty and they replaced it entirely. But that was last May and they may have tightened their standards.
    11-17-12 08:00 PM
  12. fernandez21's Avatar
    Did you buy it from RIM or a retailer? When this happened to my playbook I went to Best Buy where I bought it and they gave me a gift card in return to buy a new one. You could try a retailer if thats where you bought it.
    11-17-12 08:23 PM
  13. TheStanger's Avatar
    The sense of entitlement is strong with this one. Have fun with your new S3---hopefully you'll be more careful with its "cheap" microUSB port. (Both the PB and S3 use the same OTG-compatible AB port.)
    He's within his warranty and thus entitled to a free fix...why the snarky attitude towards him?

    I'd be pissed as well if I got grief like that about something that should be covered by warranty.
    11-18-12 12:48 AM
  14. blackvipergts's Avatar
    dears it's happen exactly the same to me! after 2 weeks BB assistence collected mine, they proposed to repair for 95 ( I leave in Italy) ...I refused ( also for principle) and I bought a fully new on Ebay at 100,00
    Indeed I could save 60 as I read only later on this Forum also magnetic charger available for 35!
    Regret to say the mini Usb is clearly a critical part and even if correctly used after intense operation subject to demage,nobody could say differently.
    I hold even a BB9900 and overall I'm quite satisfy of both devices which are perfectly work together and difficult if not impossible to find something similar and performing at same price.
    I use Mac as desktop computer,while I do not like Ipad ( got one now in use for my daugther) and as personal mobile a Samsung Galaxy S3
    Now waiting for BB10,
    11-18-12 01:35 AM
  15. bk1022's Avatar
    They know this is a problem. I've looked on forums and found that broken USB ports are not rare. Metal sheathing for a connector costs less than a penny per unit, so RIM really needs to figure out what they are trying to sell, and what customers they want. Perhaps they want to dominate in markets where people spend $0 on apps.

    RIM was very happy to FedEx my package to their repair facility IN THE U.S. free of charge... But that's because (a) they don't have anywhere I can take it in TORONTO, and (b) they are happy to charge me $99 for what I think should be free repairs.

    And to the person who told me to enjoy the same "cheap" connector on my S3: Going forward, if I am to pay for a BB10 phone or an S3 phone and they're both going to break, I might as well buy the brand that isn't making me angry. I'm not spending $44.95 to buy a rapid charger (current price on ShopCB) as a workaround for bad design. Maybe RIM should package that charger with the PB instead of a USB charger so that customers actually would own something better than competitor products.

    The way I see it, is that if they make me pay for repairs that should be under warranty, I will view RIM no different than any other large Canadian corporation with arrogant customer service practices. I'm not a "sheeple". As a Canadian, all I expect is decent customer service from a Canadian company, otherwise they get no preference for my loyalty -- period.
    11-18-12 09:53 AM
  16. FF22's Avatar
    I am not sure that the weakness of the usb port on the pb is Rim's fault (other than choosing it for use) but an inherent weakness in that socket/plug design. The one in the pb is intended to allow usb OTG so it is not as tapered as the normal micro-usb port. That can allow a user to insert the plug in upsidedown and that can, in turn, bend the connector out of alignment. If you look inside, the connector is a very thin "shelf" and I gather from reading about it, folks have bent it up or down so that it no longer is level and no longer couples with the plug.

    But, again, Rim chose that part for the pb, so the blame can be partly with them.

    And, NO, I have not attempted to see how strong that connector is or how easy it is to deflect up or down!

    I've also never seen the OTG plug and whether its design avoids plugging in upsidedown or not.
    11-18-12 10:31 AM
  17. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    He's within his warranty and thus entitled to a free fix...why the snarky attitude towards him?

    I'd be pissed as well if I got grief like that about something that should be covered by warranty.
    If the issue is manufacture related sure, but if the issue is derived from customer induced damage then the person is entitled to nothing.
    11-18-12 06:47 PM
  18. beautifulcindy's Avatar
    same here when my usb port to charge is not working hopefully i get some good news sent out an email ..i really enjoy the bb playbook but if this keeps up i think im gonna have to buy something else..
    11-19-12 12:33 AM
  19. bk1022's Avatar
    Beautifulcindy, sorry to hear you are in the same boat as me. I currently don't expect any relief. I have until tomorrow to find out...

    But if I were running RIM, would I care about playbook owners right now? Probably not. I'd be focusing on countries where blackberry is still relevant and products that people are buying. Not sure that we fit the bill.
    11-19-12 04:49 PM

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