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    Does anyone know a place that can repair the audio jack on the blackberry playbook in canada? Would the geek squad be able to do this?

    Heres my story, I use my playbook as an alarm every morning and have it hooked up to the speakers in my bedroom. One more i forget it was still plugging into the speakers, without thinking i got up and the speaker connection ripped out of the playbooks audio jack. The audio jack is still usable. It works perfect with the head phones plugged in. The main problem now is that the playbook thinks that the headphones are always plugged in. So it is stuck in headphone mode when changing the volume.

    If anyone knows a place where i could get the audio jack replaced that be awesome.

    The problem is livable but i can no longer have hdmi audio because it thinks that headphones are still attached
    04-05-12 03:26 PM
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    Feel kind of silly reviving this old post. But even after all this time, I still use my playbook daily.
    Now I have the same problem as the OP had. PlayBook fell and works perfectly fine, except that it thinking that the headphones are always connected.
    To make it worse, when plugging in the headphones, you have to wiggle around a bit to get the sound.

    I use my PlayBook as a media device, and what hurts me the most is that because of this issue, it won't send sound to the TV when I use the micro-hdmi cable.
    I just got a Q10 and noticed that the bridge is a bit less useful than it was on my BB9320.

    Would you guys try to repair if it was you, or just move on because of the situation with the device not being supported. I really don't know what to do lol

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    02-25-14 06:34 PM
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    There's a little tab in the jack that gets pushed back when a plug gets inserted. This is how it knows when headphones are inserted. Perhaps you can get the tab to release with a small paperclip or needle. Not sure if all of the jacks are oriented the same way, but on my PB, it looks like the tab is on the rear side of the jack.

    02-25-14 07:28 PM
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    Will give it a try and report back.

    Edit: Tried, but seems that little part is maybe "worn" and just has a lot of give and flexibility.
    I'll try to find out if ppl charge an arm and a leg to fix it or replace the audio jack part. Am thinking about maybe using YouTube and ordering the part online and make it my project if I can find the part.
    What's the worst that can happen??? Lol

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    02-25-14 07:57 PM