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    Hi, I'm new to the playbook and I need a little help with the naitive email setup when used bridged to my 9900 away from wifi access. I keep getting a warning in messages saying 'unable to connect to blueyonder server... check settings..'. and outgoing emails will not go, although incoming ones come in no problem. I get the same message on my gmail account, although emails seem to send out eventually but any updates to the calndar do not sync until back on wifi.The phone clients work fine, so I can use email like that for now but rather defeats the purpose of haveing a playbook. outside. When I get back on to wifi it all works perfectly again. Have I set this upwrong or have i missed something or is this a 'feature' of playbook? Any help wold be appreciated. Thanks

    ps; this also happens when on any other wifi than my own
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    01-17-13 07:42 AM
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    So is this using the Bridge Email Messages App or just the Messages App? I know you say native, just want to be sure. My Native send over the bridge connection...it's usually slower. It will show the Red timer looking icon...then a transmitting icon..then the check mark. Usually takes a bit longer.
    01-17-13 08:30 AM
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    i mean the playbook native app that i would use without the bridge. am i the only one experiencing this?

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