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    I know this may sound like it should be in the apps or phone forum, but I needed it for my PB. We're BES at work, but now that I have a personal PB and 9930, I wanted to use a very nice desktop calendar/task app I have as a secondary to Outlook, which I've never really cared for but have to use on the job. It's called Desktop iCalendar, not ical, and has a nice interface I like a lot. It's on the desktop, is modular (box for calendar, box for events and box for todo) and uses very little realestate. Customizeable with fonts, skins etc.... but very simple and clean. Anyway, it will only sync to Google calendar (hate) and Thunderbird, not BB. Google calendar will sync to my phone AND iCalendar, so you see where this is going. I set up a Google account, make 9930 calendar entries, which autosync to Google calendar, which autosyncs to iCalendar. And visa versa, make an appt. on my desktop iCalendar and now it syncs to my 9930 via Google calendar. I have done over 40 events both ways today and they all synced to my phone and desktop calendar, without BES or Outlook. The only thing I'm disappointed in is that Google Tasks won't sync to anything, so I put my tasks in the calendar as all day events, which keeps them separated from appts. Works for me right now.

    I did search the BB forums, Google forums etc..... and couldn't find another solution I was happy with that would allow my phone/PB to sync with a good desktop calendar. If anyone knows a better solution, I'm more than happy to try it. Keeping in mind that I want to keep the native calendar and tasks.

    The point of all this is that I stay bridged most of the time and this allows me to have a personal desktop calendar wirelessly synced to my PB via bridge. The bridge has worked flawlessly in this tag team so far. Anyway, someone might be interested and I hope I save someone the grief I've been going through, till native PB calendar anyway, which will still work with this. BTW The sync from PB/phone to desktop has been relatively quick, as well as desktop to phone/PB, but if I do an entry directly to Google calendar, which I never intend to access anyway, no point, it takes up to 20mins or so to sync. I found out it's a Google issue.
    01-10-12 01:46 AM
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    Wow, after reading all the possibilities of 2.0 I may not have to do this anymore if the PB calendar syncs with other calendar clients.
    01-10-12 09:44 PM
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    Just a quick update. Two days now with hundreds of entries and edits without one single glitch, whether updates originate from desktop, PB or phone. Syncs are working great.
    01-12-12 06:55 PM