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    With the new hotspot in leaked OS on some of RIM's phones, is there any difference in browser speed to be expected?

    I don't presently own a PB but I own a 9700.

    11-26-11 11:43 PM
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    There must be a difference because your carrier all you a speed at least 4 MBPS which can download on about 400kb/s while Bluetooth is limited to only 124kb/s at max.

    Also tether depends on Bluetooth which is exactly the same as Tethering.

    What I am waiting for is, RIM makes a WiFi Bridge.

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    11-26-11 11:48 PM
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    What is the difference between using the BlackBerry Bridge browser vs using internet tethering vs using wifi hotspot? I know through watching videos that the Bridge browser give the playbook full access to the web through the data from your device - creates like a mirror. Its free because your carrier thinks that you are just using your blackberry and not a playbook.

    Now how does tethering work? Is tethering a shared data plan through your carrier but independent through the playbook, meaning there is no mirroring going on?

    I know wifi hotspot uses your device as a modem to which your playbook can connect too when wifi is not available. This uses data from your phone plan, although, is that different than tethering?

    Thanks, I'm getting a playbook for Christmas so I was just wondering.
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    11-27-11 02:28 PM
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    Bridge is nice. Tether is better. Hotspot is great!

    I'm loving the Hotspot speed between my Bold 9900 and the PlayBook. I get upwards of 7Mbps down and almost 2 up. I'm sure there are other areas of the country where it is better - but, that's great for my mobile needs.

    I'm curious though - how the Bridge over WiFi will work in the coming months. If it is possible to create a hotspot like I am now (with the Bold) and then use Bridge. Bridge allows me access to some of my corporate files without having to create a VPN session - based upon how my BES is setup.

    Will this future release allow even faster speeds with Bridge with my setup?
    06-22-12 04:05 PM
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    Accidently double posted the preceeding comments, so deleting the second one. Sorry.
    06-22-12 04:06 PM