1. DocDRM's Avatar
    This is getting extremely frustrating!

    When using Bridge for BB9900 / PlayBook , and using the keyboard as I am now to type this, the bridge goes idle way too fast, seems to be happen sometimes during a slight typing pause, and often happens when moving the cursor between fields using the track pad and when using the "back" key to leave the keyboard to return to the mouse cursor.

    What makes it even more FRUSTRATING is that to wake it up, I have to type something or hit the space bar which results in FUBAR'd text wherever the typing cursor was last active (can't make the cursor wake with the trackpad).

    Is this a known bug, or my issue? No track pad issues anywhere else, no probs / issues in general . With ei ther 9900 or PlayBook. (((Those 2 spaces : after general /before the period and in the middle of the word "either" - are examples of what happens when I wake with the space bar))).

    Seems to me the wake-up key stroke or action SHOULD NOT result in a "letter" or "space" entered on the screen!! Makes a mess!!

    BTW - 9900/ATT with RRoyy Bridge .35 /PlayBook with current OS.
    08-22-12 11:15 AM
  2. Donnee's Avatar
    Not had any problems with mine as yet (9790 on and Playbook 32gb on although i've only had the phone 2 days. I've just tried there leaving it for a couple of minutes (to the point where the phone locked itself) and when i unlocked it it picked up in exactly the same place in the text.

    Think the problem is if you switch between 2 text boxes more than anything else, whenever i'm typing i tend to complete one field then go to the next, rather than jumping between, or if i do have to switch i always click at the end of the field with the mouse so whatever i type goes in there.

    It could do with some kind of shortcut on it though to switch from mouse mode to keyboard mode as you say though
    08-22-12 12:35 PM