05-21-15 08:16 PM
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  1. ben ten1's Avatar
    I have windows 8 when I connect my mobile to my computer after downloading blackberry bridge my computer detects it as a bluetooth mouse but my blackberry does not find it the internal mouse is disabled from settings still the mouse works by the internal device I am pretty confused what can I do?
    03-07-14 04:53 AM
  2. VR6's Avatar
    Almost worked on my Win7 PC. It connected to BT and tried to install drivers but only complete half of them. Result? Cannot connect
    03-14-14 02:06 PM
  3. afawcett's Avatar
    Sorry to reserect an old thread, but I wanted to use the Bridge Remote on my Bold 9000 with my PC. I paired them, but the Bridge Remote refuses to work unless I pair it with a Playbook. From what I read, once you pair it with a Playbook it can then be used with any device as a bluetooth keyboard/ mouse. However, I do not have a Playbook and I don't want to buy one just for this. I have tried the QuickLauch bypass method, but haven't had any luck with that either.

    Has anyone figured out how to trick the remote into thinking it is paired to a Playbook or has the profile available for download?
    05-21-15 08:16 PM
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