1. crazylegshinch's Avatar
    Ever since the latest Bridge update on my Z10, the notifications on my Playbook haven't been functioning properly. They don't show up as notifications, though the Bridge connection is there. It really makes the phone call notification useless as it doesn't pop up.

    I tried re-pairing the Z10 and the Playbook, and that seems to fix the problem until the two lose Bluetooth connection and then rejoin. After that the notifications stop. I've tried reinstalling bridge on my phone, but so far nothing results in a permanent solution.

    Any ideas? Anybody else having this problem?
    02-14-14 11:00 PM
  2. chrisstanley1987's Avatar
    I have the same problem pal, also text messages doesnt open right over bridge, was better on OS7. I don't see why BB keep punishing people who have BB10 & still pair it their PlayBook as I use mine a lot!
    02-15-14 05:02 AM

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