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    Hey all, I looked up my problem and saw some similar posts, but nothing like what I'm dealing with. Since upgrading to the dev OS build 2.1 on my PlayBook (yeah, I know, I know) my messages app via Bridge loads up with the screen message shown below.

    I do have a password set on my smartphone, and when I input it, the screen registers it and then re-prompts for the password. A bit of a nuisance, but I figure if I remove my phone's password it'll let me through. Well, doing that does get rid of the password-prompt screen, but the screen flickers repeatedly and never shows the proper app. This has been going on for several weeks now, and to make matters worse the native email app doesn't seem to recognize the Gmail server when I try to set up my accounts.

    Anybody know of a possible solution? I tried restarting both devices, reconnecting the bluetooth connects (on both sides), and reinstalling the Bridge app on the phone. I would try a security wipe but Desktop Manager won't backup my PlayBook on the new Dev OS...
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    06-18-12 06:21 PM
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    I am also on 2.1 business to don't have any bridge problems. I know it seems a bit long in the tooth but when updating I back up my PB, then do a security wipe and reload the OS. Then retrieve from back up. Sounds a long way around but unlike my laptop (full of bugs and glitches). I always get a good clean system. You have a great day and get your bridge working again. Julz
    06-19-12 02:37 AM