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    This started this morning: I open up Bridge E-mail and the application flickers on and off with the green loading circle moving around. It just keeps flickering on and off and I can't see the e-mails at all. I'll upload a Youtube video of the error in a moment too. Anyone else have this before? (oh and I've already restarted the whole PB)

    Youtube Link:
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    03-20-12 06:04 AM
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    Try disconnecting the bridge and Bluetooth connection, then reactivate them and try accessing bridge-mode email.
    03-20-12 06:05 AM
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    Try disconnecting the bridge and Bluetooth connection, then reactivate them and try accessing bridge-mode email.
    Just tried both. Didn't help. Still getting the same flickering.
    03-20-12 06:17 AM
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    This issue has been reported to rim but they do not have a solution yet and they have not committed to a time line for this to be fixed. I have sent an other email to there technical department asking for this issue to be sent to their corporate office so it can be resolved as this has plagued me since I bought the playbook.


    Have a look at this thread there is more info here and some have found a work around, hope it works for you.
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    03-20-12 08:53 AM
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    This is a major concern for me as I only use the bridge email. I have been using the bridge email for about a year now. It wasn't until I started using 2.0 that the bridge email started doing its strobe light thing. Very annoying! I tried deleting the bridge and reinstalling, but to no avail. I thought I had finally resolved it by doing a security wipe and worked fine for about 20 minutes and then crashed and went back to the strobe light effect. I hope RIM fixes this soon! In the meantime, I will give your temporary fix a try. Thanks for your help.
    03-20-12 09:51 AM
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    Had the exact same issue last week. Had to do security wipe and reload. Nothing else worked.
    03-20-12 04:39 PM
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    For the Same issue with PB OS2 and BB Curve devices (my model 8900 WiFi) I discovered simply by accident that if I deleted the device from the PB and deleted the device also on the Phone then went back through the "manual pairing' process then the result was that the token exception error was cleared on the PB and I could see the email messages in Bridge mode once again with no flicker issues. I have taken both devices through successful power down and back up again with success and the Bridge view of email still works without any screen flicker.

    It seems that repairing resets the PB and phone configurations and resets the connection so no issue with flickering.

    Thought maybe other Curve owners with PB's would want to try this without security wipe hassle.

    06-05-12 01:36 PM