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    Lately using BBM on the PB via Bridge with my 9810 is causing my phone to lock up. My 9810 eventually recovers after 30 minutes or so without doing a battery pull. I'm using the latest versions of both apps. It's come to the point now that I won't use BBM on the PB because of this issue. All other apps over Bridge work fine. Anyone had similar issues and know of a solution?
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    10-07-14 04:09 AM
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    Playbook experts, please help
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    10-13-14 07:40 PM
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    When was the last time you wiped your playbook? I strongly recommend backing it up and wiping it. Just install settings, install apps as needed. Bridge from a clean new install, then try connecting via bridge.
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    10-15-14 12:09 AM
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    Thanks for the reply. I might resort to doing a wipe to see if that helps. It's a strange one in that I'm not sure if the issue resides on the PB's side or the 9810's side. The PB's ok reading BBM's, but occassionally sending one from the PB locks up the 9810 for several minutes, at other times it works flawlessly.
    10-15-14 05:23 AM
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    If you have very long BBM conversations, you may want to close/delete the conversations on the phone and try again.
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    10-17-14 08:25 AM
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    That could be it, I have a couple of chats that go back well over a year! I'll give it a try. Thanks.
    10-20-14 04:10 AM
  7. Banco's Avatar
    If you have very long BBM conversations, you may want to close/delete the conversations on the phone and try again.

    It definitely causes problems if there are very long conversations.

    On the wipe idea, I wouldn't ever look at it as a last resort measure. A security wipe periodically is good practice (it shouldn't need to be, I grant, but it is). You get used to it being slower and slower, when you do a wipe you'll be staggered how fast it runs.

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    10-21-14 10:00 AM
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    I have ended a couple of long chats and so far the problem has gone away. Obviously time will tell.
    10-22-14 09:57 AM

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