1. dieter jay's Avatar
    Hello.., I have 8 email accounts setup in my phone.
    So when I opened Messages in bridge, under "All Messages" when click on the small-triangle I can choose which email account I want to focus.

    But in landscape mode, in All Messages it only shows 7 of my email accounts, the last one and "view folders" are hidden behind the 'taskbar'. And scrolling is a try and error, sometime with a swift and quick move can scroll successfully. But most of the time it ends up picking the last contact of my finger to one of the email account.

    Of course, in portrait all email accounts under All Messages are displayed and can be picked successfully.

    Have tried deleteting the bb-phone, reconnect, & re-bridged again, but the scroll problem still happens.

    Is anyone experience the same behavior..?

    07-10-12 11:22 PM