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    With fast browser and stereotube. Best four bucks I ever spent. Very little lag opening most forums using fast browser and stereotube has made viewing on you tube a pleasure.

    I highly recommend both.

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    09-25-15 07:55 PM
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    Rip your videos and side load them on the the device with DPBT's and you have a nice video playback device to boot. Can't beat the sound quality of it either.

    Durable, good video quality and sound, reasonable browsing speed and access to a host of videos on You Tube plus throw in the amount of storage that comes on the 64Gb models. Battery life is excellent. Hard to beat for as little money as they go for now a days.

    If you have one, fire it up and put it back in service.
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    09-25-15 08:35 PM

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