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    So I got a new basic android phone (Samsung Gio),which has the mobile hotspot feature, over the holidays. The feature works but many people have mentioned a bluetooth tether might be less energy/power demanding.

    I don't have a data plan with tethering options (I am currently on the Bell Mobility network) and when I try to connect through bluetooth, the two devices pair up fine. But at the stage wherein the Playbook asks for the wireless provider, no settings seem to work out right. The result is always that my android phone cannot be found.

    When I tried using an older HTC Touch (CDMA) through Bluetooth PAN, it would almost acquire an IP address but would immediately get disconnected.

    Has anybody been able to successfully tether over bluetooth their android phone and Playbook? Just wondering if I am stuck doing mobile hotspot, though it's just the battery drain I'm concerned about.

    I believe that the Playbook only supports Bluetooth DUN and this is not native to the Android OS (not even on 2.3.4 Gingerbread). Should I be trying PDANet to create a Bluetooth DUN?

    I know many of us took advantage of the lower pricing to purchase Playbooks and would like to know if we can hook the unit up with an Android phone through some Bluetooth tethering.

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice on bluetooth tethering!
    01-04-12 01:44 PM