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    I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to have one keyboard and mouse on my desk to quickly switch between my Windows laptop and my bridged playbook. I don't want to have to pair and unpair bluetooth every time. I'm currently using a logitech bluetooth keyboard to respond to texts and bbms on my playbook which works great! Plus I have a usb wireless keyboard and mouse for my laptop. Some sort of KVM switch seems like it could be a nice solution.

    If anyone has any experience or a possible solution I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks!

    m Shane
    01-05-13 11:06 AM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    Lots of posts about Blutooth Keyboards and the PlayBook have been on here recently. Supposing your computer supports any type of blutooth keyboard, my solution should work. You also need a keyboard that can be paired with two devices and remember them.

    1) Buy a HID Bluetooth Keyboard.. I'm sure people online will help with finding you one.
    2) Pair it with your PlayBook, and with your computer.
    3) Now just connect to the keyboard fro the device you need it on, when you need it.
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    01-05-13 11:12 AM
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    You could also use a USB to Bluetooth KM like the IOGEAR GKMB01 to do this if you don't mind having a USB connected to the laptop. The GKMB01 plugs into the USB port of the laptop and a wired keyboard and mouse plugs directly into it. The GKMB01 pairs to two different BT devices and shares the keyboard and mouse function. You double tap ALT to switch back and forth between devices.

    Disclaimer: in fairness to the board and OP I am disclosing that I work at the company...
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    10-10-13 07:01 PM

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