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  1. bluezone1's Avatar
    12-13-11 08:54 PM
  2. elshaman's Avatar
    uhm, let me guess, this is for android tablets....dos it work with PB?
    12-13-11 09:45 PM
  3. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Probably. There wouldn't be a reason not to work.
    12-13-11 10:14 PM
  4. Willard814's Avatar
    Doesn't this kind of defeat the whole purpose of the PB? I mean if I want to use a keyboard and mouse I would just sit at my desktop or laptop. The keyboard setup for the PB is sweet why would anyone want to mess with that? Although it does take some getting use to, but it kind of feels like I'm typing on my blackberry.
    Last edited by Willard814; 12-17-11 at 11:03 AM. Reason: typo
    12-17-11 11:01 AM
  5. mikeplus1's Avatar
    Turns the PB into a laptop (or netbook maybe) if you don't already have one I suppose. Looks like the deal in OP is gone, but I did try my friend's eWonder wireless BT keyboard case with a PB and it worked great, could see some use for it if doing a lot of typing in docs or even emails, etc. But hey, for only 40 bucks, not a bad deal either way it seems.
    12-17-11 01:41 PM
  6. Toodeurep's Avatar
    It works. Mine arrived today, used the "computer" key command and I am up and running! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy now.
    12-20-11 02:02 PM
  7. glassbottomboat's Avatar
    I have it the keyboard works fine but the case sucks. The part that holds your playbook has cutouts for swipe gestures but the cutouts need to be bigger, you have to pull it back to swipe up and down and side to side. It got very annoying so i just ripped the keyboard out of the case and use it as a standalone KB with my convertible case.
    12-20-11 02:19 PM
  8. Unsure2's Avatar
    A keyboard is nice for email, at least for those of us who touch type. Can't take it too far, of course, or you're better off sizewise with a much more powerful small netbook. I am presently waiting for the Verbatim 97537 folding keyboard to arrive--$50 at Amazon. It folds into a 6x4" package, so will fit in a coat pocket, like the Playbook.
    12-20-11 02:20 PM
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