1. keith1000's Avatar
    hi all. just wondering if anyone has tried the logitech bluetooth keyboard labeled " for android 3.0"
    factorydirect.ca here in canada has refurbs on for 45 bucks. the fact its a refurb scares me because there return policy is the worst ever in retail with a 10 day defective store credit only policy.
    thx keith

    as found here

    Logitech« Tablet Keyboard for Android
    02-10-12 12:29 PM
  2. aghoward02's Avatar
    I had one and attempted to use it. It would pair (show connected) but I never got it to work on the my Playbook. I did get it connected to a Xoom and an Ipad and it worked fine.

    I dont know why it didnt work as it should based on the technology but I could not get it to work with the playbook.
    02-10-12 12:39 PM
  3. dabbguy's Avatar
    I bought a HP Touchpad bluetooth keyboard for $ 42 delivered and it works very well.
    02-10-12 04:29 PM