1. pelletizer's Avatar
    I cannot connect pb with 9360 via bluetooth, after update.
    10-03-12 07:59 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    Did you update the BlackBerry Bridge software on the BlackBerry 9360? Did you attempt to pair the devices after deleting the previous pairing? What version of BlackBerry OS is running on the smartphone? I was able to connect my smartphone and tablet by simply activating Bluetooth on both devices and launching BlackBerry Bridge on the smartphone to re-establish a bridged connection with the tablet, typed a security code, and the connection was ready to go. So far, my Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse connects to the tablet as well. One thing I noticed with my mouse is the scroll action does not work in every application but works correctly or as expected only with the web browser; a feature I hoped the developers (RIM) had resolved by now.
    10-03-12 09:20 PM
  3. dagerlach's Avatar
    My 9900 won't connect to my Playbook over Bluetooth with this update now. I have deleted each rebooted and paired. They will pair to one another, but it won't establish the bridge.

    Any ideas anyone?
    10-03-12 11:20 PM
  4. dagerlach's Avatar
    Finally got bridge working again. I had to completely delete the bridge from my 9900 and reinstall.
    10-04-12 06:30 AM