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    So..there's some kind of app for windows named Bluestacks (and yes, it also works for tablets)
    And it looks like it's able to run all android apps...
    Won't this be kinda bad for RIM and our loved playbooks?
    01-21-12 07:24 AM
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    Bluestacks is actually alpha software for the X86 versions of Windows 7 and 8. At this time it can also only run a few dozen demo apps, regardless of promises to open up the android marketplace. Like all x86 based apps, it will need to be recompiled to run on ARM based machines expected to make up the bulk of Windows 8 consumer tablets. With respect to what it represents, keep in mind that Microsoft will be releasing tablet app versions of the x86 applications it sells, and (of course) you can get the original versions on x86 based machines. You can also expect that the major producers of current Windows applications to also follow suit with tablet versions because that is what Microsoft wants. This isn't Windows Phone 7, which started out with a blank slate with regard to compatible apps; this is Microsoft's core business. Windows users simply do not need access to android apps in the way Playbook users do. For example, do you want to use Polaris Office or Quick Office to edit/write a report, letter, etc., on a Windows tablet, or Office 2010/2012? Actually, I don’t think most Playbook users need much access to Android apps either - read any of the end of year reviews on the poor showing of Android tablets in the marketplace, and lack of quality apps is always at the top of the list. It will allow some gaps to be filled, which is great, but most the android marketplace is filled with garbage, much of which has not been optimized for Android 3.X or 4. If it ever works, I can see people loading the odd game or unique app, but I will guarantee the Microsoft will want this completely sandboxed from the OS first. The Windows world has made considerable security strides and I just don’t see Microsoft allowing those to be given up to run the security nightmares that many android apps represent. FWIW, I would love to know who someone paid to get an alpha demo listed as CES best in show by CNET.
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    01-21-12 10:05 AM